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Readings of the Ancient Standing Stones
with Chief Dancing Thunder

18 - 20 May (starts Friday morning 10am)

O-Hey-O Friends,

During the next gathering in spring 2018 we will be embracing the rituals of "Readings of the Ancient Standing Stones".

These rituals are closely allied to the Mountain Dream (wo-tie) teachings which were shared last year. This year, the Ancient Standing Stones rituals will be undertaken at Corrimony Chambered Cairn, a Neolithic site just 40 minutes drive from Inverness. These new teachings with the Standing Stones will be suitable for first timers, as well as our very experienced friends who have been following the teachings for many years.

Please take a look at the Corrimony website for further information about this beautiful site, which is situated in Glen Urquhart, 8.5 miles west of Drumnadrochit, Grid Ref: NH 383 303.

For those who attended last year’s teachings, please bring your spirit stones with you, together with suitable outdoor gear as well as insect repellent/midge net and sit mat.

Okay that's it for now friends, I am very much looking forward to seeing old and new faces. Please be welcome!

Dancing Thunder comes from a long line of shamans and healers and is the Grand Sachem of the Susquehannock in Florida.

Maximum participants: 28

Price Information:

£290 (fully residential), £250 (camping)