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Plant Spirit Medicine - The Shaman’s Way with Plants
with Twobirds

7 - 12 August (starts Tuesday evening 6pm)

Plants and humans have lived in partnership since the beginning of human experience, not only in terms of food and medicine but as an integral part of our spiritual experience and developing consciousness.

Shamanic cultures worldwide see everything around them as alive, aware, and related. Looking at a plant, they do not see an object but a spirit expressing itself through its form, lifecycles, and interaction with everything. When Shamans use a plant for healing, they know they are calling upon a spirit being – an ‘other’ intelligence that knows exactly what is needed to aid the healing process.

From a shamanic perspective the ‘dream of nature’ is a complex web of mutuality in which each part supports the other; the nature of nature is co-operation. The power of Plant Spirit Medicine lies in the ability to bring people into the source of well-being, the dream of balance and wholeness.

Through nurturing conscious, direct communion with plants we are offered a doorway into a world with limitless possibilities for the greater good of all.

This highly experiential workshop will include in-depth exploration of a variety of plant teachers and their healing abilities, individual and group healing work, introduction to telepathic communication with plants, working with Elemental Spirits and Ancestral Teachers within the realms of Plant Spirit Medicine, and its significance in the Celtic Traditions.

Let us together open our hearts to the medicine dream of plants and the natural world. It is a big dream, all plants live there. You and I live there, too. 

Maximum participants: 18

Price Information:

For further information please go to: Plant Spirit Medicine - The Shaman's Way with Plants

Cost: £350.00