Spiritual background



The Pavillion

Accommodation comprises three up-cycled caravans, which have been converted into quirky, cosy dwellings with additional insulation, timber cladding and turf roofs. Two of the caravans have been set into the hillside and bordered with living willow arches whilst the third is located within a quiet wooded area. Each dwelling can accommodate up to five people in a mix of single and twin rooms that are compact and cosy with electric heating in each room. Recent refurbishment and enlargement of the toilet and shower room completes each facility. There is also an additional seperate shower and toilet block known as the Blue Lagoon. 

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products so we very much encourage participants to bring ecological soaps / shampoos with them to use during retreats in order for the land and water to be kept chemical free. Your help in this would be very much appreciated!


The pavilion is nestled between the accommodation facilities and serves as the dining room and general 'chill out' space. Large patio windows and exposed roofing timbers give this room a special rustic charm.