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Healing Circle Training

27-29 August 2021
(starts Friday morning 10am)

For detailed information go to https://www.embracingshamanism.org/training/healing-circle-training/


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Healing Circle Training
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One Year Intensive Practitioner Training

This 3 day training is designed to deepen our relationship with healing circles.

Healing Cirlces

In the practice of cross-cultural shamanic healing it is well known that the power of the healing for an individual or for a piece of land is multiplied exponentially by the number of compassionate family, friends, and community members present. This occurs because the community present agrees to put their personality and conditioning aside, allowing unhindered spiritual energy to work its magic. When two or more spiritual energies come together, the union generates a third energy that, if correctly focused, is sometimes referred to as the 'magical child' – the energy of change, transformation and healing.

In this 3 day training course we will primarily focus on the 'Circle of Synergy', also know as the 'Alchemist Healing Circle'. Within this healing circle, conducted by the 'Alchemist', several spirits are called forward to perform a healing on individuals through the medium of their human companions. The potential of this practice is endless due to the synergy of the divine presence and healing qualities of each spirit present in the circle.

This advanced training course is designed for those who have partaken in the training course such as the Two Year Shamanic Practitioner Training or an equivalent course that covers the main healing methods including Extraction Medicine, Soul Retrieval and Power Animal Retrieval work.

Those who are familiar with the Alchemist Healing Circle will have the opportunity to step into the place of the Alchemist.

Healing Cirlces