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Anam Cara CDs

Three CDs are now available for purchase at £10 each + £2 P&P

To purchase any CD - send a cheque (made out to Anam Cara) with your details and requirements, and you will receive your order within a few days.

Anam Cara
18 Upper Leachkin
Inverness, IV3 8PN

Multicultural Songs and Chants for Ritual and Ceremony

Anam Cara - CDs for Sale

This CD was recorded with a group of 26 enthusiastic singers from Anam Cara to provide songs and chants for Ceremony and Ritual.

Use this CD as a learning tool or simply enjoy!

  1. Iliya
  2. Air I am
  3. We are a circle
  4. Humming Bird Chant
  5. Mother I feel you
  6. Mantra of Padmasambhava
  7. The Earth, the Air, the Water, the Fire
  8. Kuate Leno Leno
  9. Eli Eli Taumai
  10. I am the trees
  11. We are one in the spirit
  12. Om Shanti
  13. Ancient Mother
  14. Hewenanna
  15. Evening Breeze
  16. Earth my Body
  17. Every part of the Earth

Learn to play the Djembe Drum

Anam Cara - CDs for Sale

This CD is ideal for those who are playing the Djembe Drum already and wish to extend their repertoire with another 8 inspiring rhythms.

The CD contains 47 tracks to learn the individual drum and percussion parts, followed by 8 tracks with the complete rhythms:

  1. Zingana
  2. Zalima
  3. Kana Dena
  4. Keyanara
  5. Mamokete
  6. Joka
  7. Ho Moya
  8. Thabo

Drums for Shamanic Journeying and Dance

Anam Cara - CDs for Sale

This CD provides the listener with two tracks of drumming for the shamanic journey (15 min & 30 min long, double drumming) and three further tracks with drums and percussion to dance to:

  1. Earth Dance
  2. Ecstatic Dance
  3. Snake Dance
  4. Shamanic Journey (15 min)
  5. Shamanic Journey (30 min)