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6 day Training Course

17-22 September
(starts Friday evening 6pm)


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This 6 day training course is designed for those wishing to conduct their own Sweatlodge Ceremonies. It will include comprehensive guidance on the safe use and authentic content for a successful Lodge. Participants will have the opportunity to experience all the principle roles both in preparation and in conducting Sweatlodge Ceremonies.


This will include:

We will be undertaking three full Sweatlodge Ceremonies.

Twobirds has over twenty years of experience in running Sweatlodges and wishes to pass on her knowledge by providing a sound foundation for others to facilitate this beautiful ceremony.


Pricing and Information

Max. number of participants: 18

Cost: £510.00 (fully residential)
Course fee: £210
Accommodation & Meals: £300

Course pre-requisite: It is necessary that every participant has taken part in at least one sweatlodge prior to the training.

To secure your place visit Twobird's Shamanic Workshop and Training website at Embracing Shamanism.