Spiritual background


The Earthlodge

The Earthlodge

Built in 2008, the earth lodge might best be described as a cave in the hillside. The structure is supported by a thick stone 'dyke' wall which was built in an excavated hole. The turf roof, which is level with the lie of the land, renders the building near invisible.

Forest pole roof and wooden floor give this building an exceptional atmosphere and it is used for both meditation and, more particularly, shamanic ritual and ceremonies.

Details of the construction of the earth lodge can be obtained by clicking here.

The Earthlodge - Interior

The earth lodge is the most recent construction at Anam Cara, which was built with the help of many volunteers. Building started in the April of 2008 and, with a team of 15 pairs of hands, the building quickly took shape as 60 tonnes of stone were placed on top of each other. The roof is a reciprocal based system using locally cut timber from Muir of Ord and then covered with straw, heather and finally turf to allow it to disappear. With one metre thick stone walls, turf roof and wood floor, this 'cave in the hillside' is practically invisible.  The earth lodge is heated with a woodburning stove.