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Women's Summer Solstice Retreat - 'Celebration of Life'
with Margaret MacDonald Kearney & Skye MacKenzie

20 - 24 June (starts Monday evening 6pm – Friday 3pm)

You are warmly invited to join us in the Healing Well Garden for another juicy gathering of heartfelt connection in honour of the 'Divine Feminine'. This Summer Solstice gathering will open with an all-night fire vigil to help us celebrate the uniqueness, and sacredness of our personal and collective journeys.

We will gently prepare the soil for sowing our sacred seeds 'within’ and without’ and align with our ‘inner medicine wheel’ to help bring balance and harmony into our daily living. Through meditation, deep listening, and simply being 'present', we can open our hearts and deepen into our true nature!

During our sacred time together, we will also celebrate our connection to Spirit through intuitive group healing sessions, where we can dive deep into the potent, nurturing healing abilities that is present within all women. We will also come together in the sauna house for a cleansing ‘ritual sweat’, followed with water ablutions from the healing well garden.

To support our inner process, activities will also include mindful body movement practices, dance, breath and voice work. We will also share our creative expressions through an on-going ‘art project’, held within the nurturing space of the healing well garden.

The aim for the week is to celebrate our unique divine and creative expressions through open, authentic, heartfelt connection.

Maximum participants: 12

Cost: £330.00

Residential Fee:  £200 - Accommodation & Meals
Course Fee: £130

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