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Harmonic Growth
with Craig Dickson

20 - 22 November (starts Friday evening 6pm)

This workshop is a healing journey of self-discovery and personal growth. As a supportive group we focus on our hopes and aspirations, while listening to our inner voice and expressing our authentic self. We will work on setting intentions to guide our next steps and weave these into personal mandalas that will help manifest the changes we wish to bring in to our life. Song, chants and voice work will be an integral part of the weekend.

• Sound and music will be used to create a safe space where we can experience deep relaxation and open to our inner truths.
• Mindful walks will allow us to immerse ourselves in nature and be receptive to guidance and wisdom.
• Art and creative expression will be used to weave our intentions, feelings and wisdom into our own Personal Mandala, which can nurture our process of transformation.
• Triads will be introduced as a tool to explore our own ability to express our feelings through sound.
We will also explore a more conscious diet by limiting stimulants like caffeine and sugar as well as reducing gluten and processed food.

Craig Dickson has been playing the didgeridoo for over 20 years and studied at the College of Sound Healing. His intuitive and sensitive approach to group dynamics supports the creation of safe spaces where deeply held emotions can be explored. Craig offers one to one sound sessions at Anam Cara throughout the year. For more details on Craig's work and how to book please visit harmonicgrowth.org

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Maximum participants: 15

Cost: £195.00

Price Information:
Course Fee: £65
Accommodation & Meals: £130

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