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Unlocking the Wisdom of the Stones
with Chief Dancing Thunder

10 - 12 May (starts Friday morning 10am)

O-Hey-O Friends,
Central to this year's 3 day gathering, we will be adding the elements of 'spiritual intention' to the previous year's rituals of 'perception' and 'awareness'.

Weather permitting, we also plan to have an outing to a site with an intriguing history and evidence of neo-lithic stone structures and human habitation. So be prepared for an adventurous and fascinating day!

Please make sure you come well prepared for outdoor activities, especially for the time of year we will be together. For those who attended last year’s teachings, please bring your spirit stones with you.

So be welcome friends, old and new, and as usual, our time together will be magical!

Many blessings to all.

Dancing Thunder comes from a long line of shamans and healers and is the Grand Sachem of the Susquehannock in Florida.

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Maximum participants: 28

Cost: £295.00

Price Information:

Cost £295 (fully residential) £250 (camping)

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