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Spring Connection
with the Anam Cara Community

2 - 9 April (starts Tuesday evening 6pm)

As spring unfurls with a burst of green vibrancy, we welcome fresh movement, inspiration and life force into ourselves. Through the creation of mandala art, we will make use of spring energy to set our intentions for the year ahead. Combining daily movement, fresh juices, spring tonics, wild greens and a sauna/ablution cleansing ritual, this retreat is the perfect opportunity to welcome in the vitality of spring.

These working retreats combine aspects of our popular work weeks alongside a deeper sense of retreat. Using a seasonal theme, each event will be shaped by a daily rhythm of morning work periods out on the land, with the rest of the day devoted to a range of creative, stimulating and nourishing activities led by members of the Anam Cara community. The relaxed nature of these weeks will include meditation, bodywork and saunas as well as wholesome communally prepared food, to rejuvenate and nurture body and soul. Individual healing sessions will be available for an additional fee.

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Maximum participants: 15

Cost: £150.00

For more information contact:

Anam Cara
Tel: 01463 711702
Email: welcome@anamcara.org