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Sweatlodge Ceremonies - 6 day Training course
with Twobirds

26 - 31 May

Fully Booked


This six day training course is designed for those wishing to conduct their own Sweatlodge Ceremonies. It will include comprehensive guidance on the safe use and authentic content for a successful Lodge. Participants will have the opportunity to experience all the principle roles both in preparation and in conducting Sweatlodge Ceremonies.

This will include:

• Taking the role as lodge pourer, fire keeper, stone carrier, door person and of course participant.
• The building of a Sweatlodge structure and preparation of the Lodge site.
• Knowledge about the history and cosmology of the Sweatlodge.
• Insights on sacred herbs, incenses, drums, rattles, and other items that are used within the ceremonies.
• Teachings on both the spiritual and practical aspects of conducting a Sweatlodge Ceremony.
• Teachings on the Medicine Wheel, the Web of Life, Shamanic Principles, and the Power of Prayer.

We will be undertaking three full Sweatlodge Ceremonies and it is necessary that every participant has taken part in at least one Lodge prior to the training.

Twobirds has twenty years of experience in running Sweatlodges and wishes to pass on her knowledge by providing a sound foundation for others to facilitate this beautiful ceremony.

Please click here for further information regarding pricing, accommodation and additional course requirements.

Maximum participants: 16

Cost: £610.00

Cost: £610 (fully residential)
Course fee: £285
Accommodation & Meals: £325

To enquire about the waiting list and future events please contact Embracing Shamanism.