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'Biofield Tuning' Foundations Training at Anam Cara
14 - 16 October

Formerly Level 1, Foundations Training introduces you to the basics of Biofield Tuning and runs for 3 days.

The Foundations Training is a pre-requisite to the 5-day Practitioner Training Certificate Course.

Sessions run from 9am-5pm each day at Anam Cara.

You will learn:

Attendance gives you the skills you need to integrate Biofield Tuning into your current professional practice and work on friends and family. It does not qualify you to do Biofield Tuning as a stand-alone practice. To become a Certified Practitioner, you must also complete Practitioner Training.

Prior to attending this class, read the book "Tuning the Human Biofield" and purchase one of these two toolkits:

Basic Toolkit

Deluxe Toolkit

Please note: Most people want all the contents of the Deluxe Toolkit after they complete this class. However, if you are on a budget, you may begin with the Basic Toolkit and order the Toolkit Upgrade Pack to upgrade to the Deluxe Toolkit when you wish.

Price Information:

$850 (US dollars) paid directly to Biofield Tuning:- https://www.biofieldtuning.com/foundations-class

Plus £150 for food and accommodation at Anam Cara Thursday-Saturday evening

For more information contact:

Anam Cara
Email: welcome@anamcara.org