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Spirit of Water & Forest Beings - Cancelled
with Chief Dancing Thunder

7 - 9 May (starts Friday morning at 10am)

O-Hey-O Friends,
Chief Dancing Thunder The teachings this Spring will be focused on direct communication with beings of the forest, with specific focus on the ‘Elf clans’. We will also be working closely with the spirit of water.

Using various practices, we will create Forest and Water symbols, and continue mastering our perception of awareness through the ancient North American tribal paleo shamanistic rituals. Weather conditions permitting we will visit ancient woodlands and connect with wild waters and forest beings.

Be sure to bring everything you would need for a day in the great outdoors. Our next Spring gathering will be a very magical time indeed.

So be welcome friends old and new!

Many blessings to all.

Chief Dancing Thunder

Chief Dancing Thunder was born into a family of healers and is the Grand Sachem of the Susquehannock Tribe in Florida. For over 40 years he has worked as a healer, ceremonial leader, teacher and medicine man, and is the founder of the "Dream Time Healing" and Chairman of the ‘Foundation of the Medicine Way’. Dancing Thunder has great dignity, fantastic humour and tremendous knowledge. His teachings are based on authentic traditional wisdom which have been passed down directly through his ancestral lineage. He was chosen to assist in the retrieval of this lost knowledge in North America and Europe and because of his traditional family background, he is known as a “Man of Knowledge”.

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Cost: £320.00

Price Information: Cost: £320 (fully residential), £160 (camping),
Course fee: £110
Accommodation & Meals: £210

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