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Strawbale Building Project - Work Week Opportunities
with the Anam Cara Community

4 - 11 August

Week 1: 28 July – 3 August

Week 2: 4 August – 11 August

Week 3: 11 August – 18 August

Some time ago, we introduced our intention to build a strawbale house … well happily it is now a happening thing!! The foundation pillars have already been laid, and the wooden framing will start in the Spring.

The three work weeks will be focused entirely on the strawbale build and will be of particular interest to those thinking of building their own strawbale dwelling.  However, it is also open to anyone who is interested in just ‘getting involved’ in this inspiring communal project and learn new skills during the process.

The dates of the work weeks have been staggered to accommodate specific activities: -

Week 1 will focus on the strawbale floor and turf roof.

Week 2/3 will be dealing with the construction of the strawbale walls and lime render.

Participants will be given the opportunity to get involved in all aspect of the various processes and we would request that participants commit to a minimum of seven days.

While the work weeks are clearly orientated towards the build, there will also be the opportunity to participate in a daily meditation practise, a session or two in the sauna and the usual bespoke Anam Cara evening activities.

Full board is offered at the centre with food being prepared communally.

Cost: £150.00

Price Information:

Cost: £150 per week - reduced to £100 pw (for 2-week commitment)

Cost: £100 per week (unwaged) - reduced to £70 pw (for 2-week commitment)

For those individuals who might be looking for more in-depth details of the build, there is an open invitation to visit the site at any time during the year, when we would be happy to share in the joys, trials and tribulations of the exercise.

For more information contact:

Anam Cara
Tel: 01463 711702
Email: welcome@anamcara.org