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Holotropic Double Breathwork Weekend with Spirit Of Cacao
with Mark Baugh & Nora McDonnell

29 June - 2 July (starts Thursday at 6pm, ends Sunday 2pm)

Holotropic Double Breathwork Weekend with Spirit Of Cacao

Join Caledonian Holotropic to surf your inner landscape in holotropic states of consciousness. The vehicle is your body – the technology is Holotropic Breathwork™ – the fuel is your breath.

What is Holotropic Breathwork?

Essentially Holotropic Breathwork can provide Inspiration, Insights and Healing.

It has 3 components:

Holotropic Breathwork has supported many people in many different ways on their journey. It can be:

Many people report that Holotropic breathwork has been instrumental in helping them to connect with who and what they truly are and with what their lives are about.

What is Cacao?

Cacao is also known as the Food of the Gods. It is a foundation ingredient of our chocolate confections today but by the time it has been processed to reach that stage, it is a mere shadow of its pure form. In its raw form it is a beautiful medicine that supports a loving internal inquiry. It is also a wonderful complement to  other technologies for entering Holotropic States such as Holotropic Breathwork.
This event is in three parts:

First, a live, on-line, 2 hour preparation “Introduction to breathwork” on the preceding Sunday, at 7pm (BST).

This is an important preparation session to build the container and the safety for individuals and the group. It will allow you to go deeper into your experience.

We will be talking about:

Hopefully you will understand that you will not be able to breathe on the weekend if you do not attend this introductory session. There will be no time to go over it on the weekend with you.
Second, the breathwork weekend with spirit of cacao –

Safety is priority and as part of that participants need to complete a medical form as part of the registration. There also needs to be a commitment to fully attend the whole event.

Third, a 1 hour on-line integration circle on the following Sunday at 7pm.

By signing up you are agreeing to attend all three parts.


Your facilitators are:

Mark Baugh +44 (0) 7828 752649 – peace@caledonianholotropic.co.uk

Nora McDonnell - noramcdonnell@gmail.com

Please feel free to contact Mark for booking queries or either of us to clarify anything else.

Mark & Nora

Event exchange & bookings:

The event exchange is £850 with the following reductions:

Tuition Fee payable to Caledonian Holotropic: £550

Where finance is an obstacle to attending a payment plan can be arranged. The Caledonian Holotropic Retreat Fund may also be able to offer assistance.

Residential Fee (accommodation & meals): £300 - payable in advance to Anam Cara by BACS transfer after you have booked your place with the course facilitators. Single rooms will be allocated to participants, unless they wish to share a twin room with a partner or friend (the cost is still £300 per person). 

Some Anam Cara concession rates are available. Please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Cost: £850.00

Please book you place via Caledonian Holotropic here.

For more information contact:

Mark & Nora
Mob: +44 (0)7828 752649
Email: peace@caledonianholotropic.co.uk
Web: www.caledonianholotropic.co.uk