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Toltec Shamanism - Retrieving personal power through the ancient shamanic practices of the Toltecs
with Twobirds

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Toltec Shamanism

Thousands of years ago, the Toltec in southern Mexico were known as the ‘men and women of knowledge’. They were ancient ‘shaman-seers’, the receivers and holders of mysteries.

Toltec Shamanism offers a range of practices within the greater shamanic traditions in which the Toltec created vital teachings and practices for the purpose of developing full consciousness and spiritual awakening. It is a powerful, non-sectarian path offering specific tools for self-examination, re-collection of and re-connection with all that we are. It recognises and seeks to nurture the awakening of the life force existing in all of us.

The goal of this training programme is to provide opportunities to move beyond our limited selves to perceive another, practically limitless, aspect of reality in which the confines of our way of being, acting, and feeling - determined by personal history - vanish. This presents the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and to discover authentic and unknown facets lying hidden in remote corners of our being.

This highly experiential journey of deep self-enquiry will consist of two gatherings filled with a rich spectrum of practices and themes, including a programme of suggested practices to be undertaken at home.


Week 1

Darkness Embrace

Initiation into the Toltec path of knowledge through the power of darkness

Ceremonial darkness is an ancient tool employed by a broad spectrum of traditions including Taoism, Hinduism, and a range of aboriginal and indigenous cultures.
In this first week participants will undergo a two-day period in complete darkness whilst they are led through an initiation into the Toltec path of knowledge.
Many initiations into the mysteries of life have traditionally taken place in darkness. It has proven to be a unique and highly effective tool in opening up to the otherwise ‘invisible worlds’. Through ‘seeing in the dark’ and ‘tracking the interior world’ participants experience its healing essence and mythic quality as a source of illumination and self-surrender.

The initiation is followed by a two day period of integration to ground the experiences and consider its application in daily life. This will also include a Toltec Sweatlodge Ceremony to mark the completion of the initiation.

‘Mystery and imagination arise from the same source. This source is called Darkness... Darkness within darkness, the gateway to all understanding.’ LAO-TZU

Please note: While 'Darkness Embrace' is a stand-alone course, it is also the prerequisite for 'Coming Home'.

Week 2

'Coming Home'

Toltec Shamanism

Building onto the Initiation into the Toltec path of knowledge, this second week marks an adventure into the heart of Toltec practices enhanced by visionary experiences and further periods of ceremonial darkness.

The Toltec were supreme artists where every individual life was considered a work of art, a conscious, living creation, always in a dynamic state of evolution. Participants will explore a range of practices found within the Toltec path of knowledge which seek to realise the essence of these principles.

The course will include:

Course pre-requisite: Participants need to be familiar with the practice of the shamanic journey. This can be achieved through attending the "Ancient Ways - Introduction to Shamanism" workshop or equivalent.
Alternatively you can obtain a self-learning programme from Anam Cara (cost £15, including a CD with shamanic drumming) once you have made a booking for the course(s).

Maximum participants: 16