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Anam Cara Festival

19-21 July, 2024
Event begins Friday 4pm - Sunday 11am 

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Come and join us for this two-day Summer Festival filled with fun and celebration!

This gathering is an invitation to all our friends and family who have supported us over these last 2 decades.

Without you, we would not be HERE to celebrate the deep and rich connection we have had with so many beautiful souls. 

During this festival, we will share and co-create through storytelling, music and song, poetry, dance and dynamic movement, and each morning, there will be an opportunity to meditate in our Shrine room. 

Get creative with making paper lanterns and cacao chocolates, or whittling wooden spoons.

We’ll have nourishing food, a dance party, sound baths, shamanic and oracle work, yoga, and more!

This gathering will be a micro community driven festival where we come together to create a loving and healing space to honour Anam Cara’s ‘soul friends’.

For any of our friends who make things or have wares to peddle, we’ll be opening up a Makers’ Market in the barn. Let us know if you are wishing to set up a table, as we will have limited spaces available. We prefer if you are able to bring your own folding table if possible, but can provide a few as well. 

Summer Connections Working Retreat:

As part of this year’s Summer Connections, we are inviting participants to help us set up the Anam Cara Festival which will run from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. All we ask is that you come with willing hearts and helping hands, to share any skills you have and contribute to the smooth running of this exciting event.

Summer Connections Work Retreat participants will be given bed spaces in the cabin accommodations. 

If you have a flair for food preparation or experience in cooking for larger numbers of people, we’d love to hear from you as we will be grateful to have the extra support in making food for all!



Bring Your Own Tent - £85 per person

Campervan - £95 per person

Day Pass - £40

Teens 13-18 - £20

Children under 12 are welcome for free


*If you would like to stay Friday and Saturday night but do not have a tent, please get in touch to see if we can help make some arrangements for you!

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