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Meditation Retreat

with Alastair, Margaret & Will
from the Anam Cara Community

18-22 September, 2024
(6pm Supper, Sunday Lunch Included) 


This retreat is designed for experienced meditators who seek the opportunity of extended periods of practice. Our time will be spent in silence, with a structured programme of sitting/walking meditations. The afternoons will be opened up for more dynamic body-based practices with the inclusion of a period of SAMU or land based work activity.

There will also be the inclusion of Satsang recordings based on non-dual teachings and practices, with the intention of deepening our understanding and recognition of our true nature.


The course will be facilitated by members of the Anam Cara Community who collectively have many years diverse experience of meditation practice.


Maximum participants: 12

Cost: £350.00

Residential Fee: £200 - Accommodation & Meals
Course Fee: £150 - payable on day of arrival

Maximum participants: 15

Cost: £350

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