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Women's Summer Solstice
Celebration of Life

19-23 June 2024
(starts Wed 6pm Welcome Supper - Sunday 2pm)

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You are warmly invited to join us in the Healing Well Garden for another juicy
gathering of heartfelt connection in honour of the Divine Feminine.

Summer solstice is a potent time to gather, as we continue to nurture the ‘spirit’
of this magical little sanctuary. Together, we will celebrate the uniqueness, and
sacredness of our personal and collective journeys.

We will gently prepare the ground for sowing our sacred seeds within, by aligning
to our’ inner medicine wheel’ - helping to bring clarity, balance and harmony into
our daily living. Through meditation, deep listening, and simply being present,
our hearts can open and expand, as we embody the divine feminine, in her
myriad of forms.


Mindful nature connection and devotional contemplation will be part of our
sharing, as well as gathering of herbs for tea infusions, and preparation of

vegetable and fruit juices to cleanse and renew our physical, mental and
emotional bodies.

Summer Solstice will be marked with a fire ceremony, in recognition of all the
gifts and teachings this cycle has presented. We will also participate in a
cleansing sauna ritual with water ablutions from the healing well, to help us
release, and let go, all that, which no longer serves.

To support our inner process, activities will include, journal writing, mindful
movement, dance, breath and voice work, together with a nurturing head neck
and shoulder massage.

We will also share our creative expressions through an on-going art project, held
within the nurturing space of the healing well garden.

The aim of this gathering is to bring hearts and hands together to co-create a
place of belonging, peace and natural beauty, within and without.

Margaret Kearney

Margaret is a qualified counsellor, body practitioner and intuitive healer with over 30 years experience in holistic health. She has lived and worked at Anam Cara for the past 20 years and is one of the Centre's founding members. In-between helping to run the Centre, she has led various retreats over the years, from Vision Quests to Detox retreats.  

More recently, she has been involved in the creation of the Healing Well Garden, where she has been offering Women’s Retreats for the past 9 years. Margaret is a long-term meditator and for the past 10 years has had an interest in non-duality teachings. Meditation and self-realisation play a major part in her life and steers her everyday passion to live ‘simply’ on the land, and to keep opening and expanding her heart! 


Maximum participants: 12

Cost: £395

£240 Residential Fee payable to Anam Cara

£155 Course Fee payable direct to Margaret Kearney

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